Pioneer PD-30AE-B black

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Popis produktu:
Sometimes a normal CD player is needed to listen to digital music - be it because streaming is not desired, because an existing player is to be replaced or a CD function is to be added to a system. If you then look around for a device, you will find little that is new, little that is exciting and even less that is of high quality. But there are bright spots: Pioneer has put a lot of effort into the PD-30AE model and put a maximum of solid hi-fi technology and sensible extras on the non-slip feet of the unit.

PD-30AE: Closely related, yet very different
The model has a technical basis that is responsible for both smooth everyday operation and the player's sonic capabilities. The centrally positioned drive lives up to its designation "Silent Drive" with very low running noise. In this model, it belongs to the rare species of "real" CD drives, i.e. it is not a converted PC or DVD drive - which of course benefits its task of reading the CD data as cleanly as possible from the disc. Accuracy is also a key feature of the digital clock: Pioneer has built a "precision clock" into the PD-10AE that keeps the operating clock constant at ±10ppm (10 parts per million, i.e. 0.001%). The stable clock provides ideal working conditions for AKM's D/A converter: The AK4482VT is a modern, highly integrated DAC with eightfold oversampling and very natural sound. If you want to connect an external D/A converter or other equipment with digital input, the PD-30AE has digital outputs in both optical Toslink and electrical coax format.

The PD-30AE has an aluminium front panel and a whole range of practical extras. The PD-30AE also has advantages in terms of ease of use - at least in combination with certain other Pioneer devices: if you operate it together with a Pioneer network player such as the N-30AE, you can also control the PD-30AE via the Pioneer Remote App. This is how classic CD playback begins to merge with app-based streaming. Another feature is the headphone output with its own volume control, which also makes the player usable on its own.

CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs that have been poorly finalized following recording may be only partially playable or not playable at all.
CD-R: ano
CD-RW: ano
Převodník: 24 Bit
Programovatelné skladby: 25
Oversampling: 8x
Náhodný generátor: ano
Audio výstup: ano
Digitální výstup optický: ano
Digitální výstup Coaxial: ano
MP3: ano
Dálkový ovládač: ano
Barva: černá
Šířka (mm): 435
Výška (mm): 103
Hloubka (mm): 298
Hmotnost (kg): 5,3

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